Hose Reels

Hose reels are circular revolving drums that are used to store flexible pipes, hoses and cables on. Since hoses are generally long and winding, they can easily cause accidents if they are left around unreeled on the ground. Hose reels are used to extend the life of hoses and cables and they are a safe and effective means to store, handle and retrieve various types of reels and cables.

There are two types of hose reels, which are storage and continuous-flow. Within these two types of reels there are many styles of hose reels that cater to a variety of industries such as: utility hose reels, power wash hose reels, air hose reels, and oxy-acetylene hose reels, etc. However, most types of hose reels are of the continuous-flow variety; where the product or electricity flows smoothly from the reel center to the hose or cable.

Industrial hose reels are available in spring loaded (self-retracting), motorized, and hand crank models. These hose reels are used for hoses that dispense oil, air, water, grease, and fuel. They are also used for vacuum hoses that extract fumes, particles and byproducts from the air.

Hose reels are also found around the home and the most common type here is the garden hose reel. These reels are usually either portable devises or they are mounted on a wall. Portable reels generally come on wheels which enable you to easily move the reel around the yard. Another type of mounted garden hose reel is the retractable hose reel. These reels contain a garden hose in a solid housing and use a spring mechanism which retracts the hose and guides it back around the reel.

Hose reels are available in various sizes such as: small, medium, large and extra large; parallel and perpendicular mounting; as well as in different swivel sizes. Most hose reels are created from synthetic rubber, wood, stainless steel, vinyl or a combination of these materials.

Determining the weight, length and type of hose application is essential for selecting the appropriate hose reel. Industrial hose reels need to meet safety and functionality requirements specific to their use.

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