Industrial environments and applications require a variety of lifting functions wherein heavy objects such as goods and raw materials need to be lifted and transported. Hoists are often used to help in facilitating the lifting of various types of heavy objects and loads. Simply put, a hoist is a mechanical device wherein heavy industrial loads are lifted by a cylindrical device, for example: a large drum around which sturdy metal chains or a rope are strapped. Hoists can be either manually powered and operated or they can be automatically powered and operated which is the case with electric hoists and pneumatic hoists.

While manual hoists usually use a steel chain or rope, they can also use a non-corrosive fabric, nylon or polymer. Manual hoists work pretty well in environments that require infrequent lifting of loads. Moving equipment and loading and unloading agricultural goods such as feed sacks, and many other commercial, farming and household tasks are often done with a manual hoist.

Hoists are commonly used to lift heavy objects in a vertical direction such as lifting automobile engines out of a car and trying to maneuver heavy steel beams into place on a construction site. This is the primary reason why hoists are commonly seen in construction, warehousing, production and various other industrial sectors. With the advent of automation, sophisticated gear technologies and electric power drives, hoist technology is able to lift far heavier loads.

Hoists are available in a variety of sizes. Most types of hoists consist of body, a pulling mechanism, a grasping mechanism and a mounting assembly. Hoists have service classifications of type H1 through H5. H1 hoists are used for infrequent lifting of heavy loads while H5 hoists are used for continuous operation under extreme or unusual loads. Some types of hoists are designed to lift over four metric tons.

Hoists are very prone to wear and tear and therefore good care must be taken with them. Hoists can sometimes be dangerous devices so make sure the hoist you use is built for the specifications of the job. Industrial grade hoists must be sturdy, durable and capable of lifting heavy industrial loads.

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