The generation of heat and the controlled supply of heat energy play a very important role in almost all sectors of industry, ranging from aerospace to food processing. In fact heaters are used in all walks of life in most countries around the world. Heaters, as the name suggests, are devices that emit heat and can be utilized for a wide array of industrial applications. Heaters can be differentiated by their mode of heat generation, e.g. electric heaters are designed to generate heat when an electrical current is passed through the heating element. Convection heaters are designed to generate heat by producing electromagnetic waves such as microwaves that heat the material. The heating element is the most important component of the heater.

There are many other types of heaters available such as tubular heaters, infrared heaters gas heaters, strip heaters, immersion heaters, and band heaters etc. It helps if you have a basic knowledge of the technologies available when you are selecting a heater for your specific needs.

In order to heat solids, liquids, and gases during a production process you need a heater and there are several important factors that will affect your choice of heater. You need to know how much heat energy (power, watts) the heater can produce and if the heat energy is adequate your job. You should also consider the weight of the heater, the power it consumes and the dimensions of the heater.

You should check to see what the heater is made of to make sure it can handle things such as the operating temperatures, humidity, moisture, acids and corrosive elements that will be present in your job. Make sure that the heater you select has adequate protection. A sheath can protect a heater from corrosion, physical damage and other conditions. Terminal housings are designed to protect terminal connections from contamination. Both of these elements will help with the efficiency, safety and durability of the heater. Heaters can be very dangerous and extreme care must be taken while handling or operating them.

The choice of the heater can be critical to the overall performance efficiency of the unit. Heaters are used in almost all manufacturing units and have become indispensable.

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