Hand Tools

Hand tools have existed in one form or another ever since the first cavemen inhabited the earth. Centuries ago these tools were very primitive indeed, but over the years they have evolved dramatically into the common types of tools we use today. Some of the most popular types of hand tools include hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, files, saws, pliers, cutters, knives, levels, planes, chisels, drills, sanders, punches, pry bars, trowels, scrapers, and calipers, etc. A hand tool is technically any kind of tool that isn’t powered by anything other than manual force. Over the years many types of hand tools have evolved into air tools, power tools and pneumatic tools.

Hand tools are commonly used in many aspects of everyday life and as well as in the industrial, commercial, and retail sectors. Hand tools are used all types of environments such as assembly, manufacturing, installation, repair, landscaping, transportation, maintenance and construction. There are many different types of hand tools that are used for specific jobs. There are measuring tools, finishing tools, cutting tools, striking tools, and fastening tools etc.

Although hand tools may seem to be pretty simple and basic items you still have to know how to use them properly and you have to know which tools to use for which specific tasks. Hand tools can be dangerous if they are not used properly. You also have to use the right sized hand tool for your tasks. A screwdriver and wrench need to be the proper size or they will be of no use to you.

Hand tools need to be solidly made and dependable. They are usually kept in a tool box for easy finding, storing and transporting. There are also many types of accessories available for certain types of hand tools such as cleaners, sharpeners, storage boxes and tool belts. It is a good idea to keep your hand tools in a tool belt while you are working so you know exactly where your tools are at all times. You should definitely use a tool belt (or a tool case with a strap) if you are climbing a ladder and working from a height. This is necessary as you should keep both of your hands free for holding the rails while climbing a ladder and you should place the tools in the tool belt so they can not fall down and injure somebody below you. Tool belts and tool cases also make it easier to organize all your tools.

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