Gas Turbine

A gas turbine is a machine that mixes fuel with air, combusts the mixture, then extracts energy from it. Gas turbine alternators are used in a wide variety of applications, most commonly to provide power to large vehicles such as helicopters, ships and locomotives. Turbines are also important in industrial energy generation and as auxiliary power units for industrial equipment. Often, gas turbines offer superior environmental specifications compared to other electricity generators, due to their high efficiency and controlled emissions.

Navy Gas Turbines

Navy gas turbines are used to power military vessels such as corvettes, frigates and motor gun boats. They are also used in commercial ships, particularly passenger ferries. Gas turbine engines have high power-to-weight ratios, which mean that they can accelerate a naval or commercial vessel faster than other means. This makes them an excellent choice for vessels that need to move and maneuver quickly.

The GE Gas Turbine

GE is one of the leading producers of gas turbines. Their line of heavy-duty turbines can produce anywhere from 26 to 480 megawatts.

GE's F-class turbines have been produced for over 20 years, and they are the classic choice for reliability and efficiency in the power generation sector. For a reasonable price, they boast net efficiencies of 58 percent or higher, placing them among the most efficient turbine units in the world.

GE's alternative turbine line is its H System. This award winning line consists of innovative integrated units that combine the gas turbines with steam turbines, heat recovery and generator technologies. It is this combination of elements that allows the H System to break the 60 percent net efficiency barrier. At the same time, the H System is affordable and produces electricity at a reduced cost as compared to conventional systems.

Finally, GE also produces the B- and E-class turbines, which are designed for medium-volume electricity production. The proven reliability of these gas turbines makes them one of the most popular choices for industrial applications. They can also be ordered with a built-in nitrogen oxide emission controller called a Dry Low NOx system, which can decrease emissions to less than 15 ppm.

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