There are a number of different types of commercial freezers on the market. Before purchasing an industrial freezer, make sure to carefully assess how much storage you need, using cubic feet as your unit of measurement. In general, it's best to slightly overestimate the amount of storage you'll require, because purchasing a larger freezer is much less expensive than having to buy an additional freezer in the future. In addition, think about the materials or products you will need to freeze, the frequency with which your employees will access the freezer and the amount of space you have available.

Upright Freezer

An upright freezer is the most common type of freezer on the market, and commercial units are often quite similar to those marketed toward the private consumer sector. Commercial freezers are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 20 cubic feet. For businesses with low to moderate storage needs, an upright freezer is ideal because it takes up very little floor space. In addition, freezer contents are easy to access and compartments provide a convenient way of organizing the interior volume.

Chest Freezer

Unlike an upright freezer, a chest freezer sits low to the ground and uses a larger amount of floor space. They are ideally placed underneath cupboards, furniture or wall-mounted steel shelving.

Chest freezers have a number of advantages for commercial applications. First, they tend to retain their temperature better than upright freezers, because cold air tends to migrate downward. Second, they can store a larger quantity of material than upright freezers, because items self-compact due to gravity. Chest freezers are best for applications in which a large volume of similar items are being stored, because they lack the built-in organizational features of their upright counterparts.

Walk-In Freezer

For businesses with a large volume of materials to be frozen, a walk-in freezer is generally the best option. A walk-in unit equipped with a blast freezer is specially designed to freeze materials extremely quickly.

Walk-ins are usually the size of a small room and can be packed from floor to ceiling. Restaurants and science facilities like that walk-in and laboratory freezers can accommodate even very large or irregularly shaped items. Crated materials can be kept in their original packing and stacked in the walk-in freezer. Finally, walk-in freezers can be equipped with built-in freezer alarms that ensure that everything is kept at the appropriate temperature.

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