Folding Hand Trucks

Folding hand trucks are very useful where there is limited space to work in as they can be folded and put away when not in use. These types of hand trucks are often used in airports, hotels, hospitals, industries, shopping malls, etc. They are available in different models such as standard models, extra long models, extra long stainless steel models, and jumbo models. As with all other types of hand trucks, these devices are small, wheeled vehicles that are used to transport loads over short distances. They are manually operated, however there are some battery operated, stair climbing hand trucks available. Folding hand trucks are used to move cartons, boxes, luggage, warehouse items, small crates, bins, etc.

Folding hand trucks are specified by the weight they can carry, their height when opened and when closed, their wheel base width, their wheel diameters, their frame construction, platform type and depth, etc. The frames are powder coated and the tubular construction ensures that the unit is light weight and rugged. Frames on these hand trucks are made of plastic or aluminum tubes. The plastic parts are reinforced and suitable restraints like belts and harnesses are provided to ensure that the load does not fall off of the truck. The platform is made of cast aluminum and is also powder coated.

A folding hand truck consists of a load plate which is the flat surface at the base of the device. This is where the load is placed. The truck has wheels that are used to roll the load and a handle with which to push or pull the load. If you are moving light loads of under 200 lbs., folding hand trucks are ideal as they offer all of the features of standard hand trucks, but are lightweight and fold away for easy transport and storage.

When the load plate is placed firmly under the object that is to be transported the user pushes down on the handle to create a downward force on the fulcrum. This will lift the load plate and the object being transported off of the ground. When the load is raised the wheels are designed to overcome any friction that is created by the force of the load. This enables the user to easily roll the hand truck to its desired location by pushing the handle. When you have reached your destination you decrease the pressure until the truck rotates back to an upright position. This will lower the load back down to the ground.

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