Floor Mat

Commercial floor mats are designed to be both decorative and functional. Not only do they help improve the look of any business or industrial setting, they also protect existing flooring from wear, tear and damage. Because of their high degrees of durability and stain resistance, they are also easier to clean and maintain than most carpets and flooring.

Choosing a Custom Floor Mat

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and durable materials to customize the look and functionality of floor mats for your business. If you are looking for unique matting, you can order a custom floor mat with your business logo woven into the surface. Many business owners find that colorful customized entrance mats attract customers. They're also a welcoming way to protect your commercial flooring from dirt and debris that customers may track in.

Protecting Your Bottom Line with a Safety Mat

Preventing accidents is another key function filled by commercial mats; of course, when your employees stay safe, healthy and productive, it improves your bottom line. For example, a basic safety mat or rubber floor mat is a must in any areas that may be slick, or in places where debris may make a person's footing unstable. In addition, safety matting should be used in any areas in which heavy machinery is used or strenuous activity takes place, because these increase the likelihood of falls.

A similar type of mat, an anti-fatigue mat, is used on hard flooring where employees must stand for a long period of time. They help prevent foot, back and repetitive stress injuries. Since these types of injuries account for a large percentage of worker compensation claims, OSHA and insurance companies require anti-fatigue mats in many cases; thus, they are one of the most popular types of commercial mats.

Specialty Matting Products

Finally, there are specialized matting products that are useful for covering and protecting large surface areas. For example, a garage floor mat, often made of rubber or vinyl, can keep oil stains and other leaks from damaging concrete flooring. It's an inexpensive alternative to sealing a concrete floor or buying a permanent floor covering, and the best part is that the rubber or vinyl matting can be easily cleaned and does not retain stains, which saves money in the long run.

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