Floor Gratings

Floor gratings are used extensively in industrial applications and commercial environments. Probably the most common usage of an industrial floor grating in our daily life is the flooring used in bridges. These floor gratings are also used extensively as ramps in an industrial plant. They are also used extensively as decks and helipads. Floor gratings are easy to install and their durable permanent surface makes them long lasting. Installation costs are relatively low and they are capable of bearing large weights.

The most distinguishing feature of floor gratings is that 80 percent of the surface area is open. Bars used in floor gratings are normally crossed and electrically welded to provide greater strength and durability. These bars used in floor gratings are normally comprised of various types of metals such as steel, iron, plastic, aluminum, wire, fiberglass and alloys, etc. The grill design used in floor gratings is indicative of the amount of load and the place for which it is used. Floor gratings provide excellent lighting and ventilation conditions in industrial environments.

There are five common types of floor gratings which are plank, bar, expanded, pultruded, and molded, with many styles and designs to choose from within those types. Floor gratings are designed with different kinds of ground protection. Some floor gratings come with serrated teeth, slip resistant movement and interlocking planks.

You should choose your type of floor gratings based on their needs, the materials they are made from, and traffic expectations, etc. When searching for floor gratings you need to know what type of surface suits your needs and if you would like corrosion-resistant gratings. You also need to know if you will be using heavy objects or lower-weight objects on the gratings. Another option you may want to choose would be fire-retardant or UV light-resistant materials. And last but not least you should ask yourself how important the grating’s design is to you.

All of these considerations will factor in on the cost of the floor gratings. The cost of gratings will vary according to the materials used, the weight bearing capacity, the size of the gratings and the design choice.

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