Flat Files

Many offices turn over a lot of paperwork. If you need more space for important papers and documents, check out the flat file cabinet options currently available. Quality flat file cabinets range from $100 to $300 and up. As usual, used options are generally less expensive, but can also come with problems you may not learn about until it's too late.

You can find these handy items in many colors, although white, clear and black are the most popular. Sizes and shapes are also widely varied. Regardless of these factors, you will want a flat file cabinet with smoothly rolling drawers. Check them to be sure they won't jam – your documents are too important to be chewed up by defective ball bearings.

For the best in flat file storage, look for a cabinet with all the amenities: areas for labels, nice-looking trim and a glossy coating that will stay chip-free for a long time to come. You may want to look into a flat file database that comes with inserts to keep the units from shifting on top of each other. Of course, the construction of your flat file cabinet is even more important than its appearance. You should look for an item that has a strong enough frame to hold whatever you want. Steel frames are the best and can handle a lot of weight.

Some flat file cabinets have springy tabs that will hold your papers down perfectly flat so that you never have to smooth a wrinkle again. Think about getting a flat file database that has some way of keeping the drawers from coming out when you don't want them to. There is no greater frustration than spilling a drawer full of paper and having to put it back in order!

A flat file storage unit is the best solution for you if you have large pieces of artwork, manuscripts or blueprints that need to remain perfectly flat.

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