Every business will need to look into commercial faucets. Whether they're for restaurant kitchens or office bathrooms, high-performing and reliable faucets are important to getting your work done. There are myriad designs for commercial faucets, and the best of them combine casual residential style with the heavy-duty construction needed for industrial use.

When purchasing commercial faucets, consider how easy it will be to get replacement parts, and how much your replacement parts will cost. You're not going to want to replace your entire faucet or plumbing system if something goes wrong, so make sure it's easy and cost-effective to get repairs. Discontinued styles may be cheaper, but how long will you be able to maintain that faucet? One maintenance tip is to open and close all shut-off hydraulic valves under each faucet in your building at least once a year to keep them free of sediment. This also makes it more likely that they'll be able to close if needed.

Restaurant Faucets

Restaurants, bars and other food-service industries have special needs when it comes to plumbing, so make sure you research all the different types of faucets your kitchen will need to run efficiently. Employees will need to keep their hands sterilized, and you'll also need quick and easy access to water for cleaning and cooking purposes.

Automatic Faucets

Many businesses have found that automatic faucets – electronic faucets that can sense when hands are present – save on water and reduce messes. Installing an electronic faucet may come with a higher upfront cost, but they save both water and electricity. Most automatic faucets are ADA-compliant, meaning they're ideal for use with handicapped individuals. They are also excellent for bathrooms where children and individuals with arthritis may be using the facilities. Because the electronic faucet is hands-free, it also prevents the spread of germs.

Recommended Brands

When looking for commercial faucets, it's best to use a well-known commercial brand to ensure quality and reliability. The ability to get service and replacement parts is especially important.

Delta faucets have been known for innovation for more than 50 years. The pivoting aerator allows the user to adjust the stream of water, and the company's Diamond Seal technology is guaranteed to reduce leaks. They also created first commercial hands-free electronic faucets.

Moen faucets have an industrial mainstay for years, and it is especially easy to find and order replacement parts for them. However, one of Moen's core principles is to make sure you won't need a replacement; this was the company that patented the One-Piece Washerless Cartridge, which prevents the most common sources of leaks and drips almost entirely.

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