Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic products have become quite popular over the last couple of decades as they are designed to help increase the efficiency of people in relation to their work and home environments. Ergonomics is often defined as a discipline that involves arranging the environment to fit the person in it. Because they are made to reduce on-the-job stress, ergonomic products can improve productivity and boost morale, therefore saving time and money.

For instance, a constant static posture increases the potential of developing neck and back aches. Studies have revealed a direct relationship between prolonged use of equipment necessitating repetitive movement and human body-tissue (joint, muscle, nerve, tendon) injury. The resultant discomfort is referred to as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. RSI caused during work and recreation related activities can be overcome through proper posture, exercise and ergonomic products. Ergonomics is often linked to office jobs, but in fact it refers to all types of work.

Ergonomic products can mean things such as adjustable furniture and seating, telephone headsets, optical filters for monitors, articulating keyboards, orthopedic back supports, cushioning, fluorescent lighting treatments, writing and reading boards, palm rests, foot switches, backpacks, etc. They basically refer to any device that makes your job more comfortable and easy to do along with relieving stress on your body. Neck strain and backaches can be dramatically reduced through the use of a document holder or slant board if continuous reading is involved, a telephone headrest for prolonged phone usage, a chair with adjustable recliners, wrist and mouse rests and arm and foot rests.

For household jobs and small industrial tasks you may want to make your work easier by using power tools instead of manual tools and use gloves to improve your grip. You can also attach handles to steady tools, use reaction bars and articulating arms and use hoists to raise and support work materials. Other items that that could be used include rollers, conveyor systems, jigs and fixtures and wheelbarrows etc.

Ergonomic products are designed to ensure that when physical exertion is required, the largest appropriate muscle group does the job. At present, ergonomic products allow for variety and movement, rather that merely a correct posture. Ergonomic products are also adjustable and several people can customize the ergonomic chair or keyboard to their advantage. Finally, an ergonomic product has to be chosen bearing in mind an individual specification in terms of size and posture. What may be good for one person may not be good for somebody else. In fact it may even do more damage than harm.

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