Electric Hoists

Hoists are used in industrial environments for lifting and placing heavy objects, predominantly in a vertical direction. Industrial hoists are used in a variety of industries ranging from the construction sector to warehousing. Hoists can be manually powered and operated as well as electrically powered and operated and pneumatically powered and operated. Early versions of hoists were manually operated, however most modern units are either electric hoists or hydraulic hoists.

Electric hoists are very powerful and are capable of lifting great loads at a time. These hoists can be configured for a specific industrial application. During the installation of electric hoists, care must be taken that additional load bearing devices and supporting machinery are carefully installed. These hoists are available in a variety of forms; some of them are trolley mounted, lug mounted and suspension hook systems. Electric hoists use a variety of materials to make sure that the load is secure such as: cables, fiber ropes, and chains, etc.

Electric hoists are usually used for frequent lifting and all heavy duty lifting. An electric hoist consists of the same basic components as a manual hoist, but it uses a motor for speed and ease of operation. The hoist is operated by a push button mechanism which is known as a pendant control. This control is designed to operate the lifting mechanism and if the hoist is trolley mounted, it will also operate the forward and backward motion of the hoist.

Electric hoists are commonly used in industrial plants as integral parts of assembly lines and in material handling operations. Some common parameters that should be considered while selecting hoists are their load capacity and their maximum lift speed. Hoists can be very dangerous devices and you need to make sure that the hoist you use is going to be strong enough to handle the weight of the load you will be lifting. You must also take into account how many times the hoist will be lifting the load. However, most modern hoists now have an overload protection system built into them which prevents them from lifting more than they can handle.

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