Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are used for a wide variety of applications and they are available in various types. These types of heaters can be used to heat materials and to heat up spaces to keep people warm while working etc. Electric heaters can either work with coils or by means of oscillation, similar to a fan. Some types of heaters that operate by oscillating the air can also be used as air conditioners during the hotter months.

Space heaters are electric heaters that use the coil type heating element which becomes hot when electric power is passed through it and therefore radiates heat. There are two basic types. Space heaters spread heat through radiation and are basically used as domestic heaters, and cooking appliances, etc. Immersion coil heaters have an open heating element that is immersed in water, chemicals or other fluids.

There are two basic types of electric heaters that are used to heat spaces and people which are portable heaters and wall mounted heaters. Portable heaters are generally small which means you can take them from place to place and plug them in. These types of heaters are often used in people’s offices as an extra source of heat and they are often used at home in the garage during the winter to keep you warm while working on your car. There are some larger portable heaters available which are generally used in industrial environments. Wall mounted electric heaters are usually large units that are fixed to the wall and are generally found in larger spaces such as commercial and industrial sectors. Baseboard heaters are, technically, an example of wall mounted heaters.

Electric heaters are classified by: their power rating, the amount of power they consume, the amount of heat they generate, the length of the heaters, the number of coils, and the coil width, etc. Electric heaters are used in a variety of applications to heat water, are used as domestic use heaters, and are also used in chemical and process plants and heat treatment units, etc. A thermostat controls the amount of heating, or other devices/methods such as forced air or air convection are used.

Electric heaters can be very dangerous as they can cause you personal injury and can ignite flammable materials. Make sure you use them properly and safely.

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