Drum Trucks

Drum trucks are manually-operated two, three or four wheeled pieces of drum handling equipment that are used to carry and move industrial drums from one location to another. These devices are fitted with a footrest and arms. The drums are placed on the footrest and the arms grip the drums tightly.

Suitable harness equipment is used to restrain the drum and prevent it from falling off of the truck. Replaceable shoes are fitted to some types of drum trucks to prevent the drums from falling off. Spring loaded chain hooks can also be fitted, which allow the drums to be lifted and moved without any manual handling of the drums by the operator.

A standard sized drum generally can hold around 55 gallons of liquid, and can weigh around 1000lbs. when it is full, making the drums very awkward to handle and move. However, drums can come in different sizes and there are drum trucks that are made to handle them.

Four-wheel drum trucks are used to help the operator in loading and unloading drums from a pallet. The extra wheels also help to stabilize the load on the truck while a drum is being moved. Most types of drum trucks are ergonomically designed to help relieve operator muscle strain and fatigue. These drum trucks may also employ swivel casters which enable the drum truck to be maneuvered a little easier, and they can have attachments to assist the operator in loading and unloading the drums.

Spill containment drum trucks have the added capability of capturing liquid spills from the drums. This is a bonus as drums often leak and may contain hazardous materials. These trucks designed generally have four wheels so the drums can be transported without them tilting. Drum trucks can be constructed with static free material, making them safe to use around volatile materials. Some models also come with hand brakes for greater control when transporting drums on inclines.

Drum trucks are classified by various things such as the drum capacity they can handle, the weight they can carry, and their overall size, etc. The wheels of a drum truck are made of rubber, nylon, or metallic with bonded plastic and rubber. There are different types of drums trucks available such as: self standing drum trucks, no spill drum trucks, two/three/four wheel types, heavy duty types, hand stand drum trucks, combination drum and hand trucks, etc. These trucks are made of steel or aluminum tubes and are lightweight with a rugged construction.

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