Drum Handling Equipment

Drum handling equipment consists of a vast array of machinery and equipment that is used to lift and transport industrial holding drums. These drums maybe made of metal or plastic etc, and of course when they are full they are very heavy and awkward to handle without the proper type of machinery. Any type of equipment that helps in the handling of drums in any way in an industrial application comes under the classification of drum handling. Some examples of drum handling equipment are: drum trucks, drum dollies, drum palletizers, forklift attachments, drum caddies, drum grippers, manual drum handlers, stackers, drum pumps, hand trucks and drum wrenches, etc.

Drum handling equipment can involve the filling, lifting, transporting, storing and emptying of drums in a quick and safe manner. Most drums are still made of metal as they are easier to grip and the material is non-porous. There are various sized drums however the standard size is 55 gallons. Most industrial drum handling equipment can handle 55-gallon drums as well as smaller sized drums.

Drum dollies are small and simple devices which are built on casters. The drum is secured on the dolly for easy moving. Hand trucks, come with adjustable clips that are mounted to the device to lock the drum in place. A drum caddy is similar to a hand truck however its base is solid and rounded to keep the barrel in place. The handle on a caddy is ergonomically slanted for easier pushing and pulling. Most standard-sized pallets can hold four drums while hydraulic hand trucks and jacks can handle several drums at a time.

Drum grippers are big enough to hold a barrel, usually at the base. These devices then attach to a forklift and the operator can move the barrel into its desired place from the cab. Stackers are manually or battery-operated devices that are designed to lift drums off the floor from four feet to about seven feet.

Drum trucks load and unload these heavy drums with ease and they can also move a drum quickly and easily down narrow aisles. Drum handlers help in moving the drums on and off of pallets and drum dollies, without the risk of injuries from mishandling. Drum pumps are used to help in dispensing various types of fluids from the drums by a self-priming function. They are classified by their materials of construction, consisting of various specific polymers and elastomers for resistance to certain types of chemicals. Drum handling equipment need to be ergonomically designed to facilitate the handling of drums.

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