Drawer Slides

Office drawer slides are those handy extensions of your desk that provide the bonus space you need for pencils, papers, folders and other miscellany. These slides come in nearly every size you could wish for and are specially engineered to keep your items orderly and close at hand.

Drawer slides vary in extension. Some stop right at three-quarters of the depth of the drawer, while others will open as much as an inch past their own depth. This is good when you need to get to an item that has somehow migrated to the back of the drawer! Most high-quality drawer slides will have ball-bearing slides. This reduces friction and ensures that your drawer slide rolls out smoothly. Some varieties will close when you release them, while others have pivots for extra mobility. The optimal drawer slide will not pop back out when you try to close it, so look for one with an anti-rebound feature. It might seem like a small aspect, but the small things can make the biggest difference in the way your drawer slide works.

Accuride drawer slides offer ease of use and plenty of room. These heavy-duty drawer slides can hold as much as 500 pounds and are useful for keeping weighty items like power tools, bulk paper and food. Other industrial drawer slides are intended for use in the bathroom or kitchen and will help free up cabinet and countertop space. This type will generally carry up to 35 pounds.

You can find drawer slides that have different types of release mechanisms. Some are based on friction, while others have a lever that must be pulled before the drawer slide will disengage and allow you to remove it.

Industrial drawer slides can be mounted beneath counters and cabinets or on the side of a wall. The most important consideration is to make sure you can easily access the contents of the drawer slide. Be sure that it's at a good height for you. Some drawer slides will allow you to adjust the height on a bracket system with as many as seven levels.

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