Dozer Blades

Dozer blades are special, heavy duty blades that are fitted on tractors, dozers, bulldozers and other types of earth moving equipment. Dozer blades are used for excavation, digging through earth, pavement and rocky surfaces, moving debris and snow onto trucks and leveling the land. These blades are sometimes also known as ground engaging tools and are made of beveled, high carbon steel that is suitably heat treated to withstand their heavy use. Dozer blades are available as attachments and can be easily fitted to the vehicle. Typically, they are made for specific models of earth moving equipment and the specifications given for the equipment needs to be studied first.

Types of dozer blades were actually in use many years before bulldozers were invented as farmers used to harness two mules to a frame which had a rectangular pusher blade mounted to it. For the blade to work properly it needs to be coupled to the control arms of the dozer and connected to the machine’s hydraulic actuators. This allows the dozer driver to control the blade as needed.

Dozer blades are designed to perform many tasks and usually each task uses a blade made for that specific function. This means there are many types of dozer blades available as dozers are made to push earth, shovel dirt and snow, grade small areas, and spread soil. The main categories of dozer blades are S (straight)-blades, U (universal)-blades and SU (combination of straight and universal)-blades.

Straight blades are used for pushing and grading. One type of S-blade has a razor-sharp edge is which is used to chop off trees and shrubs along the ground. Universal blades are multipurpose blades and are more versatile than S-blades. These blades are tall and curved, making them ideal diggers. Dozers that mainly do shoveling use U-blades with side wings so they can move more material. SU-blades are a combination of the straight blade and the universal blade.

Custom-designed dozer blades are also available and some examples of these include clearing blades, coal blades, landfill blades, push blades, reclamation blades, shear blades, and woodchip blades. Some blades possess hardened carbide edges for a strong cutting edge. Blade liners which protect the surface of the blade are also available for new and used dozer blades. Dozer blades can be single units or they can be composites. A common type of composite blade has removable side wings and end bits which can be mixed and matched to create an ideal blade for the task at hand.

Dozer blades are specified by: the working width, front or rear mount type, the method of hitching, hydraulic lift, the angle of the blade, the weight and the overall size. The angle of the blade can be changed as necessary depending on the task of the vehicle.

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