Dollies, also known as hand trucks and utility carts, are wheeled platforms that are used for transporting heavy material and equipment etc. These devices often look like carts that resemble wood pallets however they have wheels at the corners of the base. Dollies do come in other shapes and designs to suit specific tasks and industries, but their functions are basically the same. For instance, dollies that are used to stock groceries in high-shelved racks have foldable upper shelves that can be extended or lowered according to convenience. Drum-shaped dollies are used to convey and load items such as chemicals, acid, grease and various liquid and semi-solid materials. Interestingly, some dollies also serve as landing decks for helicopters. Such decking dollies are flat boards created from anti-skid hardwood, heavy-duty steel and several swivel and rigid casters.

A simple hand truck dolly is pretty basic in design, but it is a strong transporting device. You use this type of dolly by sliding the nose plate under a piece of equipment or a stack of boxes. You then tilt the handle of the dolly back towards yourself and allow the weight of the load to rest on the platform of the dolly. You can then easily push the dolly to the desired location and slowly tilt the plate back to the ground to unload it.

Dollies need to be used with care and the loads should be secured properly.

Dollies are made out of several types of material including aluminum, steel, plastic and wood material. Dollies serve in a wide range of industrial environments such as warehouses, food processing, retail, production, entertainment and sporting. These helpful transporting devices save on human labor by moving, loading and unloading heavy and bulky goods such as furniture, machinery, vending machines, cylinders, barrels/drums, etc. By using a dolly, one employee is able to do the work of several people.

Some types of hand truck dollies are transformable as the handle, which comes with two extra wheels on the top, can be transformed into a base. This type of dolly will then resemble a cart that can be pulled like a wagon as it is basically a hand truck and dolly built in one. Collapsible and foldable hand truck dollies are also available. These types of dollies are easy to transport and store as they don’t take up as much space.

Some dollies are designed to carry loads of over 1000 pounds and can come equipped with ergonomic features such as: automatic strap recoil, patented roller bearing crawlers, retractable swings and ratchet strap adjustment.

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