Dock Seals

Dock seals, which are also known as dock shelters, are used extensively in dock applications. They are a very important part of dock equipment. These seals are essential in protecting sensitive machinery and equipment from external forces, such as rain and dust, in order to enhance the life of the machinery. A dock seal is basically a fabric structure that encloses the top and the sides of a loading dock door opening to seal it tightly. These seals are designed to come in contact with the trucks’ trailers while they are backing up into the loading docks. Along with their basic duties, dock seals also provide a higher standard of safety and productivity on the dock site.

The machinery on the docks needs to be insulated from water, wind, dirt and insect damage. With increased advances in truck technology, the right variety of dock seal needs to be chosen to ensure durability and product life. An unsealed door can lead to a wide variety of problems such as uncomfortable employees, the loss of energy, possible theft or product damage, and insect infestation. A good quality dock seal will prevent these problems from happening.

The life of a dock seal usually depends on various factors other than the normal wear and tear that it goes through. Other factors include the volume of traffic that comes through the dock. In addition, inclines and declines of the dock approach, building wall construction, the size of the door opening and the location of adjacent structures can hall have an affect on a dock seal. Specific truck features such as air-ride systems can also cause additional wear and tear on the seal and shorten its usefulness.

Choosing the right dock seal is very important and there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind while doing so. The most important is the size of the trucks and the buildings used in the operation. A rule of thumb is that the dock seal must be very flexible to service a wide variety of trucks. The layout of the dock also needs to be considered when choosing a dock seal in order to maximize the lifespan of the seal.

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