Dock Equipment

Dock equipment refers to the vast array of machinery and components that are instrumental in the loading and unloading of various types of cargo from trucks and ships. Dock equipment is designed to increase the efficiency and speed in dock operations. Since this equipment is often exposed to adverse weather conditions it needs to be corrosion and rust resistant. Dock equipment includes a wide array of equipment; some of the common ones are dock levelers, dock lights, dock ramps, dock seals, dock boards, dock bumpers, doors and truck restraints.

Dock equipment basically falls into three major categories based on its function. There is equipment for adjusting the transition in height from the dock to trailer such as dock levelers, pit levelers and dock risers. Equipment such as dockyard ramps and van ramps are used for easy access and equipment such as dock lights, dock shelters, truck restraints and wheel clocks are used for the comfort and safety of the dock area.

Dock boards are boards that are used as to create a bridge between the truck and the landing area. Dock levelers provide a uniform level platform to help facilitate the unloading or loading of material and machinery. Dock levelers are one of the most important pieces of equipment at a loading dock and they come in either mechanical or hydraulic models. Each system provides specific advantages depending on the application and the capacity size that is needed.

In any environment where there is heavy equipment, congested human and vehicle traffic, poor lighting and assorted debris and dangerous materials, there are definitely going to be safety concerns involved. The rate of accidents on a loading dock can sometimes be quite high so it is important that employees are trained in safety procedures. It is also important that the right type of dock equipment is used for the job in hand.

Most dock equipment is made with a view to provide maximum effectiveness in operational capabilities. Moreover material used in the manufacturing of dock equipment is sturdy and has a long life. Dock equipment can be quite costly and many people purchase high quality reconditioned equipment. To keep the equipment in tip top shape you need to regularly service it.

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