Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is a machine that moves a wet concrete mixture, usually from a concrete truck, to the location it is being used. This pump must be specially designed to keep concrete in motion constantly; otherwise, the concrete gel will begin to set or adhere to the walls of the pump, tubing and other equipment, causing clogs, damage and material wastage.

Purchasing a Concrete Pump

Generally, you have two choices when purchasing a concrete pump. New pumps and pump trucks can be purchased from established specialty manufacturers such as Putzmeister, who have a wide variety of concrete pumps for sale.

If budget is a consideration, or if your company will only be doing a small amount of concrete pumping and you will not want to invest in expensive equipment, there are many used concrete pumps for sale. Used concrete pumps can be a great buy, and many are inspected and factory recertified.

What type of concrete pump should you select?

There are many different concrete pumps on the market. The simplest pumps are truck-mounted line pumps, which are inexpensive pumps that attach to concrete pump trucks or drum trucks without the need for additional complicated equipment. Truck-mounted pumps have a small form factor, which makes them a great buy for anyone looking for a mobile unit that can work in tight spaces.

For larger jobs, a trailer pump is a good option. As the name implies, these are large trailers that can be trucked in to a job site to deliver high volumes of concrete using an industrial-strength pump. Trailer pumps are conveniently portable, and crews enjoy the high degree of flexibility they provide.

A final type of concrete pump that should be mentioned is the boom pump. Boom pumps are composed of a concrete truck and a long, flexible pipe called a "boom." Not only does a boom pump deliver larger volumes of concrete than any trailer pump, it also allows you to pipe the concrete in to almost any location on the job site. This is especially convenient if you have a large job site, need to work in tight spaces or need to pipe concrete up multiple stories. The boom can be moved, folded and adjusted as needed to pipe concrete to just the right location. Of course, after pumping is finished, it can be folded back into the bed of the specially designed truck.

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