Commercial Sectional Doors

Commercial sectional doors, also commonly known as garage doors, are large rolling doors composed of many individual slats of metal which are inset in a metal track. The sectional door opens and closes by rolling along its metal track, usually in response to activators on garage door openers.

Choosing Commercial Doors

There are many things to consider when shopping for sectional commercial and industrial doors. The size of the door is the most important; it must have enough height and width to accommodate the largest vehicle in a fleet and leftover maneuvering room to spare. Since business and industrial vehicles are often large and irregularly shaped, commercial garage doors can range in width and height, reaching sizes of 30 to 40 feet or more.

It is also critical to think about the sectional door material. Steel is the industry-standard material because of its durability and reasonable price. However, sectional doors are also available in lightweight and attractive aluminum, sometimes in combination with clear panels that allow good light transmission. You will also need to select insulated or non-insulated door material. Insulated doors are necessary when dealing with refrigerated freight, but they are also useful for any business where energy conservation is a concern.

Choosing a Commercial Garage Door Opener

In addition to choosing a sectional door, you will also need to pick a garage door opener. Colloquially, a device that has buttons to raise and lower a sectional door is called a garage door opener, but in actuality, the garage door opener is the device that sits at the ceiling and provides the power and control to open the door.

Garage door openers raise and lower the sectional door, either via a chain drive or a belt drive. Belt drives are known for providing quiet and smooth door operation, and are a good choice for businesses in which the sectional door is located near a customer service area. On the other hand, chain drives can be noisier to operate but provide reliable, inexpensive power to any sectional door, and they're favored for applications in which heavy and frequent garage door use is expected.

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