Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators and freezers are large refrigeration units found most commonly in places like restaurants and grocery stores. There are a number of different types of commercial refrigerators. Some are used for long-term storage of large deliveries of food, while the primary function of other commercial refrigerators is convenience. These versions provide a temporary place to keep food cool immediately before preparation or sale.

Commercial refrigerators are important to prevent food waste through spoiling; a significant risk given the quantities of food in restaurants and markets. They can also make restaurant kitchens more efficient. These refrigerators are less necessary for businesses that deal mostly in canned or prepackaged foods. More refrigeration is required for places serving a lot of fresh food, produce or seafood.

Almost every restaurant will have need of a walk in commercial refrigerator or walk in cooler. Some locations will require a commercial refrigerator / freezer combo. These refrigerated rooms can be as small as a closet or as big as a standard room. The size needed will depend on the type of food deliveries an establishment receives. For restaurants that receive large single orders of food supplies, a bigger walk-in commercial refrigerator may be the best option. Smaller refrigerators are a good choice only if small, periodic shipments are used.

Reach-in commercial refrigerators provide added convenience in food preparation areas. They can keep food items at proper temperatures and within close reach of food preparation specialists, greatly increasing efficiency. Having a reach-in commercial refrigerator in each food preparation area can reduce kitchen traffic. Many reach-in commercial refrigerators include built-in prep tables for additional ease of use.

Other commercial refrigeration options include upright coolers for storing beer and wine. These are important for restaurants with bars, as their see-through windows allow available types of beer and wine to be displayed for customer perusal.

The expense of commercial refrigeration is significant, and can easily break the budget of aspiring startups. To keep costs down, the best option is a used commercial refrigerator. Restaurant equipment and refrigeration supply companies can provide used commercial refrigerators to fit most budgets.

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