Chain Saws

The first chainsaw was made in 1926 by Andreas Stihl. His company survives to this day, offering excellent quality chainsaws and other heavy duty power tools. One safety innovation on Stihl chainsaws is the shut-off mechanism that keeps the tool from running when it is released. Look for this important safety feature when shopping for your Stihl chainsaw. Stihl also pioneered self-greasing chains, chainsaws without gears and electronic ignition. Nature is important to Stihl, so they work hard to follow environmentally sound practices.

Another celebrated maker of chainsaws is Husqvarna. This Sweden-based company was one of the premier innovators of lightweight and manageable chainsaws. They worked to reduce chainsaw vibration so that loggers could use a tool that wouldn't damage the circulation in their hands. A modern Husqvarna chainsaw will have an air filter that's easy to clean and a see-through gas tank so you'll never run out of gas again!

Other options include a McCulloch chainsaw or an Echo chainsaw. If you choose a Poulan chainsaw, you'll have a handle that resists vibrations for more enjoyable use. Each of these items is a dependable and robust option for your power tool needs. You can buy direct from the company or shop around a bit for price breaks. Be aware that some secondhand chainsaws may have seen too much wear and tear, and will be unlikely to have a valid warranty.

The chain of your chainsaw will eventually grow dull, but it can be repaired. Don't just toss out your dull chain; save yourself some money and sharpen it on your own! Chainsaw sharpeners can prove to be quite useful and a good investment.

You can find a chainsaw sharpener that can sharpen practically any style of chain, from full-chisel chains to chipper chains. Some sharpeners have fans built into them that help keep the motors from overheating. If you choose a sharpener with a hydraulic vise, you can save half the time when sharpening that old chain. The vise can accommodate many chain sizes, depending on which brand you choose.

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