Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is found on the underside of your car, and it keeps your exhaust system clean and functional. It helps turn any bad exhaust gases into safe gases which are then expelled. A bad catalytic converter can cause you a lot of grief in the long run. Reduced gas mileage and lack of response when you try to accelerate are two problems that can occur due to a ruined converter. If you suspect this is happening to your car, look into catalytic converter repair.

Catalytic converters can be damaged by clogging or poisoning. If your catalytic converter is not getting the right type of exhaust byproducts, or if the gases are unbalanced, you may end up with a clog. A converter may also become ruined if leaded gasoline is used for a long time. Sometimes the only way to find out if your catalytic converter is working properly is to take the car to a mechanic.

A high-flow catalytic converter will do the same job of cleaning the exhaust without hindering the gas flow at all. You will gain a hefty amount of torque just from having a high-flow converter, and you'll also be emitting exhaust that is noticeably cleaner.

It has become a trend among some car modifiers to remove the catalytic converter completely from the car. Catalytic converter removing is not advisable, even though many people do it and their cars appear to run just fine. For one thing, this is illegal in several states. Look to see if there are any laws on the books regarding this modification before you do it. On the functionality side of things, you may gain a little advantage when speeding up, but you may also experience louder engine noise.

Catalytic converters often contain platinum, which has become quite a problem for some people. Thieves have discovered that they can steal the converter and then sell it for a high price. There isn't much you can do to prevent this, as the catalytic converter is on the outside of your car, though a touch-sensitive alarm system may deter thieves.

If you have had to get rid of your old catalytic converter because it was damaged beyond repair, you will need to start looking for a new one. Catalytic converter prices range from a little over $60 to well over $400.

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