Car Wash Equipment

Everybody knows that cars can be expensive items to maintain. You have to fill them with fuel and oil, tune them up, insure them, and perform other regular maintenance procedures on them. And if you want to keep your car looking good and in tip top shape you must remember to wash it regularly. Some people prefer to wash their cars at home, but others prefer to wash them at an automated car wash for the convenience they offer.

A car wash is a facility in which cars and other light vehicles have their exterior and/or interior washed. With the advent of automation and mechanization, car wash equipment has come a long way from the early bucket and soap contraptions that people used on their driveways.

There are basically four types of carwashes you can visit. The automated drive through car wash will typically pull your car through a tunnel by a conveyor belt where it is washed by soap, water and chemicals. The objects used to wash the vehicles are usually brushes or cloths. These carwashes can also apply liquid was to your car and dry the vehicle after it has been washed.

Another type of car wash is the self serve type which is basically a set of bays that are equipped with high pressure hoses and vacuums which enable you to wash, wax and clean your own car manually.

A newer type of carwash is the no touch style in which you drive you car into a bay and a horseshoe shaped device moves back and forth over the car. The machine can wash, rinse and wax your car. These washes are called no touch because they don’t use brushes or cloths. They are complex systems that use electric eyes to wash each individual vehicle.

The most expensive type of car wash is the full service or valet type. Most full service washes use the conveyor belt system to pull the car through a tunnel, but people will help wash the car manually and will also clean the interior of the vehicle. In most full service washes you don’t stay in your vehicle as you do in the automated drive through versions.

Some types of car wash equipment that are currently used are:

  • Wash material: These are materials such as brushes and cloths that rub the car's surface to clean it
  • Conveyor belts: These are heavy duty, automated conveyors that are used to transport the car through a wash tunnel
  • Dryers: These are high speed, efficient fans that direct powerful streams of air at the end of the carwash to dry the car
  • Chemicals: There are different chemicals and soaps which are used to wash the car
  • Waxes: These are generally liquid waxes that are applied to the car by spray
  • High pressure hoses: These are usually found in self service washes
  • Vacuum cleaners: These are found at most types of car washes

Car wash equipment must not be brittle as it may damage the surface of the car. Car wash equipment also has to be maintained regularly to keep it in top working condition and to avoid it doing any damage to vehicles.

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