A bushing is basically a suspension mechanism. You can buy polyurethane bushings, which are becoming very popular among people who like to upgrade their cars. These are excellent when used under high-stress conditions. Off-road trucks will wear their rubber bushings out very quickly, but polyurethane bushings can handle the rough handling and the stress of a higher-than-average suspension. This can be a good way to save money by making an investment that will really last. Polyurethane bushings can improve the feel of your steering and let you really interact with the road.

Cast bronze sleeve bushings are also available and can be found with or without grease grooves. Some places offer same-day shipping and stock thousands of varieties of bronze bushings. You can find urethane bushings as well, although they are not usually considered as useful for off-road vehicles as the polyurethane variety. The right type of bushings, whether fork bushings, sway bar bushings or some other variety, can make all the difference in keeping all the parts of the item in one piece.

Control arm bushings are nearly required for the rear of your car. They help decrease wheel hopping and can actually help you turn corners with more speed and stability. In the front, they can give you a much more responsive ride. Some companies sell pre-lubricated control arm bushings. No matter what brand you buy, bushings are vital to your steering experience.

Drill bushings are used to help support the cutting equipment of a drill jig. However, other equipment can make use of drill bushings, including assembly tools or any other piece of machinery that requires precision and steadiness. As you can see, drill bushings have many applications!

You might find that you need large shoulder bushings for your tools. No matter what size bushing you require, there are stores that will allow you to specify exact measurements. Your shoulder bushing will then be made through a soft mold technique.

Shifter bushings come into play when you start having shifter problems. Most of the time, the rubber bushings have simply given out from use. Using shifter bushings will tighten up the shifter again and you will have your old car back!

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