Boom Lifts

A boom lift is a unique member of the industrial lifts family. These lifts are operated by trucks and are used widely in industrial engineering sectors. These lifts are also known as aerial platforms. A typical boom lift would consist of a low platform, with an elongated arm, attached to a motor compressor at the other end. A lift operator operates the lift via controls and positions the small platform where it is needed. These lifts are of immense usefulness in reaching over industrial equipment and construction debris.

Boom lifts are also extensively used in rescue operations. The interesting feature of these lifts is that they can be rotated 360 degrees. These lifts have a high degree of operational efficiency and are capable of moving over rough terrain. An important feature is the high degree of safety needed. Boom lifts should have adequate safety railings. Most boom lifts are equipped with four wheel steering capabilities which provide the lift greater versatility.

Boom lifts generally have a greater span than other types of lifts and can usually reach significantly higher levels. Boom lifts are usually able to reach heights in excess of 30 feet and in some cases in more than 100 feet. Another benefit of boom lifts is that they can lift very heavy loads. This feature makes them very useful for transporting heavy construction loads to high destinations such as bridge decks and high floors of a building.

Because boom lifts are designed to reach very high levels they can also be quite dangerous to operate. Make sure that only properly trained people are in control of the boom lift. Workers should make sure that they latch any chains or gates on the lift before they use it. They should also plant their feet firmly on the floor. It’s also a good idea for workers to put on a body harness and secure the device firmly to the bucket or platform of the lift. Once you are hoisted into the air make sure that you stay inside the bucket or platform and don’t lean out or climbing onto the equipment. It’s very important to make sure that the total weight load doesn’t go over the manufacturer's suggested weight limit.

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