Bathroom Plumbing

Commercial bathroom fixtures come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles. Generally speaking, commercial bathroom architecture tends toward a classic, clean, utilitarian look, with white, off-white and stainless steel dominating. However, there are alternative choices for commercial plumbing, which can transform a simply functional public bathroom into a thing of beauty.

Selecting Commercial Sinks

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when selecting a commercial sink. Most importantly, you will need to select between free-standing, wall-mounted and counter-mounted sinks. Wall-mounted sinks are the most common type of commercial sink, because they are inexpensive, highly functional and can be purchased per piece and mounted as desired. Pedestal or free-standing sinks are also useful in commercial and industrial settings, particularly for private, single-toilet bathrooms as well as situations in which a minimum of mounting and plumbing is desired.

When selecting your commercial sinks, also determine whether or not you would like water-saving features. These popular features include faucets that automatically ration the water a person uses, as well as faucets with an automatic shut-off to prevent overflow and water waste.

Selecting Commercial Toilets

Toilets designed for a commercial setting come in an astonishing array of styles. A popular choice for a standard commercial toilet is the low-flush toilet, which helps save both water and money. New toilets on the market that may appeal particularly to "green" businesses are dual flush toilets. These are specially designed toilets that use different flushes for solid and liquid wastes. Thousands of gallons of water can be saved per year, since liquid waste requires less water to flush.

Other options for commercial toilets include power-assisted flush and jetted bowls. These are both technologies that help clean the bowl more completely with each flush. ADA-outfitted toilets are also a popular bathroom fixture choice. Some businesses choose to purchase ADA compliant toilets only for handicapped stalls, while others purchase all-ADA toilets in order to accommodate people with disabilities in standard stalls.

Of course, when selecting commercial toilets and outfitting bathroom plumbing, urinals can be a cost-effective choice for mens' bathrooms. Not only are urinal cubicles less expensive, they also uses less water and takes up less space in a bathroom than a traditional toilet. This is good news for any business that struggles with limited bathroom space or wants to reduce water use.

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