Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders, also known as backhoes, are powerful pieces of equipment that are fitted on earth moving tractors. They are designed to move various types of material from one spot to another. These devices are fitted with hard rubber wheels, tracks or rollers. This ensures that the surface they have moved is also leveled. Track wheels, such as tanks, can carry much heavier loads, but they cannot be moved over larger distances. Backhoe loaders also generally move slowly.

Backhoe loaders are basically three pieces of equipment rolled into one as they consist of a tractor, a backhoe, and a loader. The tractor houses a cab where the operator sits and the engine which powers the loader. On the front of the loader is a large bucket device which is used to scoop up dirt, rocks, rubble, debris, and other types of heavy objects. On the rear end of the vehicle is the backhoe itself. This is a large claw-like tool that is designed to scoop packed dirt from holes and to dig into concrete and other materials that are too hard to be dug and lifted by manual power.

Backhoe loaders are fitted with ROPS posts to take the load while the backhoe loader is in action. An enclosed cabin with clear, shatterproof windows allows the operator an uninterrupted view of his surroundings. Stabilizer legs are another essential part of the backhoe loader as they are designed to grip the dirt or asphalt and help prevent the vehicle from tipping over sideways or forwards. Different types of shoes are used on the legs for use in dirt or asphalt.

Backhoe loaders can range in size and they are classified by: their hydraulic system, their boom lifting power, their maximum digging depth, their transport height, their swing arc, their specified operating values of fluid pressure, and their pry out power, etc. These machines are of hardy and rigid construction and are designed for rugged use. They are used in a variety of outdoor applications such as mining, construction, road building, field leveling, and rock outcrop leveling, etc. These loaders usually run on diesel fuel.

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