Automotive Tools

There are various types of tools that fall under the umbrella of automotive tools. Automotive tools come in all shapes and sizes. These include various kinds of: diagnostic tools, fluid control tools, air tools, lifting equipment, hand tools, power tools, small shop equipment and heavy equipment used to work on automobiles. Automotive tools are designed to make your job a lot easier and hopefully quicker. Automotive tools are used in just about all types of industrial settings. They are also commonly used at home, in the office and at the cottage etc.

A power tool is basically a type of hand tool that has a motor in it or is attached to a motor. Power tools can use either electric, hydraulic or pneumatic power to drive them. Some common examples of hand and power tools are devices such as: screwdrivers, hacksaws, slitting saws, ratchets, wrenches, plain double and single headed wrenches, screw drivers, testers, hammers, cutting pliers, wire strippers, chainsaws, circular saws, belt sanders, heat guns, lathes, and torque wrenches, etc. These tools often enable people to perform tasks that are impossible to achieve by hand.

Industrial power tools also cover a wide variety of tools that are generally driven by motors of some kind. These tools come in various sizes and shapes and are commonly used for fabrication, assembly, construction, and repair in all types of industries and applications.

Diagnostic tools are devices that help determine the physical or chemical status of a product. These include devices such as: dial indicators, surface finish testing units, electrical measurement devices, temperature indicators, etc. Small shop equipment includes: small desktop drilling machines, power tools, welding equipment, etc. Lifting equipment includes devices used for lifting material. Some examples of lifting equipment are: cranes, jib cranes, pulleys, hoists, conveyors, elevators, and jacks, etc.

Fluid control tools include devices such as: flow control valves, ball valves, gate valves, diaphragm valves, fluid meters and pulsars, etc. These tools are used to control and regulate the flow of various fluids and gases. In addition to withstanding the rated pressure, they must be able to withstand corrosive fluids and gases.

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