Assembly Machinery

Assembly machinery forms the part of a shop, assembly plant or factory that assembles the various components that make up a manufactured product. Large companies in the: automobile, domestic appliances, audio and sound equipment sectors use complex and automated assembly lines with multiple pieces of machinery to carry out high speed assembly with the smallest number of rejections.

Assembly machines come in various types such as automatic, manual and semi-automatic. These devices are used to perform specific stages of work cycle. In large assembly lines of major automobile manufacturers, robots are commonly used to carry out high speed welding and other types of operations. Assembly machines can be portable, mobile or fixed in place.

Assembly machinery was introduced into the workplace to help to reduce costs, eliminate waste, for ease of work and for speed. It is also designed to also help cut down on the chances of delays and stoppages on an assembly line in order to increase production flow. Many people think that assembly machinery is more reliable and accurate than people, but some people think that nothing can replace the human touch in the workplace.

On most assembly and production lines, the parts that make up a product are generally moved along a conveyor belt or automatic line to different pieces of industrial equipment. At each stop along the way, a specific function is completed and by the time the parts have reached the end of the line or belt the final product is complete. Assembly machinery consists of various types of industrial technology such as drives, controls, sensors, software and labeling or parts-marking devices. Machine vision technology is also considered to be a part of assembly machinery.

Assembly operations may also include assembling components, fitting screws and covers, fitting wheels and other accessories, etc. These machines even include feeder mechanisms to feed the required components, packaging and labeling accessories to another machine so that the assembled components can be packed and made ready for dispatch.

Assembly machinery can be very dangerous and it’s imperative that only qualified people operate it. The machinery should also be routinely checked and maintenance must be performed to keep it running properly. Assembly machinery should also comply with all government standards and regulations.

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