Appliance Hand Trucks

Like regular hand trucks, appliance hand trucks are maneuverable transport devices that allow small loads to be moved over short distances, typically when material is unloaded from a truck and needs to be moved manually to a storage area. However, like the name suggests, appliance hand trucks are basically used to move various types of appliances from place to place. Some hand trucks are curved inward on the back, but appliance trucks should be perfectly straight and a little taller than standard trucks to help them support larger appliances such as refrigerators.

These special hand trucks usually come with features such as poly belts, ratchet, and rear casters. If you plan on moving heavy appliances up and downs the stairs all day long you may want to get yourself a battery operated or electric stair climbing hand truck. These types of hand trucks are designed navigate stairs easily and some of them can lift up to 1200 lbs. You can also buy traditional stair climbers that attach to the back of the appliance truck to help them climb stairs and curbs.

They are available in foldable styles and their frames are usually made of steel, magnesium or aluminum. Their small to medium sized wheels are non-coated or coated with nylon or rubber or they have pneumatic tires. Some hand trucks are also designed to navigate stairs. Common types of hand trucks are: high back steel hand trucks, dual directional hand trucks, "P" handle hand trucks (made of chrome and aluminum), dual handle hand trucks and folding hand trucks.

These devices are usually lightweight vehicles that are tubular or made with channels. Stands or load supporting devices are built-in with adequate harnesses to ensure that the load is secured properly and does not fall off of the truck. Appliance hand trucks are specified by their load carrying capacity, their height, their wheel diameter and their wheel type, etc.

These hand trucks are commonly used for moving appliances in: warehouses, stores, airports, railway stations, assembly shops, pharmaceutical manufacturing centers, and hospitals, etc. Appliance hand trucks are also available with fire retardant properties.

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