Air Tools

Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, are devices that use compressed air to power them. One of the most well known examples of an air tool is the pneumatic drill or jackhammer which is so often used by road construction crews. There are various other types of these tools on the market with some of the most common types of air tools being: air sanding machines, pneumatic hammers, pneumatic hack saws, pneumatic screwdrivers, pneumatic paint guns, pneumatic nailers, pneumatic tapping machines, pneumatic polishers, air impact wrenches, pneumatic drills, air ratchets, air die grinding tools, air cut-off machines, spray guns and air blow guns, etc.

These tools are used in a variety of industrial applications such as: assembly shops to fit screws and nuts; in carpentry shops for sawing, sanding, drilling and planning; in smithy shops for small forging operations, in machine shops for deburring and drilling operations; in construction and road building operations, etc. Pneumatic tools are also used where electric motors or other types of power sources cannot be used for safety reasons. For instance, in mining applications where rock drills are powered by air motors deep in the mine where explosive gases could be present. Air tools are also used in the medical field, especially dentistry as pneumatic drills are lighter, faster and easier to use than electric drills of the same power rating. Air tools are also commonly used for household tasks and chores.

Air tools are quite popular as they definitely make your task a lot easier to do. They are very useful, economical and safe as they do not use electricity or hydraulic power. Another good feature about these tools is that they do not overheat since air is a cooling medium. Besides, air is free however you will need an air compressor to operate the tools.

You can buy air tools are either hand-operated or bench mounted. They are connected by a hosepipe to an air compressor that may be either continuously running or building up pressure in a storage tank. Tool activation is through a button or a trigger, mounted in the handle.

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