Air Cleaners

In a manufacturing plant or an industrial workspace there may be a lot of dust generated and flying around. This may affect the productivity of the workforce as some people are allergic to different types of dust. To make sure that a dust and moisture free environment is in place, air cleaners that filter, purify and re-circulate the air need to be used to try and keep the air clean. Commonly, replacement filters are used in small industrial setups. Though they are inexpensive they can usually only provide limited air filtering capabilities. However, electrostatic precipitators, which are an improvement from the earlier model of air cleaners, are more efficient, but they require frequent maintenance.

A good industrial grade air cleaner must be able to remove all of the pollutants and unwanted gases from a room. It should also be easy to install. Unlike domestic air cleaners, industrial sized and power air cleaners used need be cleaned frequently as the dust particles usually get deposited and build up on the air cleaners and hamper its effectiveness. Moreover, conventional air cleaners clean by using blowers whereas electronic air cleaners are designed to purify by generating negative ions which attach themselves to dust particles.

An air cleaner may also be a part of an air filtration or an air purification system. These systems use various types of air filters and air purifiers to help keep the air clean and pure.

An air cleaner may also mean other things in the industrial world. For instance, on an internal combustion engine an air cleaner is a device that is designed to block dirt, dust and debris from getting into the induction system where it may cause some internal damage. This type of air cleaner was also used in early models of automobiles and is still used today for industrial trucks and tractors etc. that are made for heavy duty use or are used in dusty conditions. These air cleaners are made to protect the engine, but they restrict the flow of air into the induction system, resulting in limited maximum power, especially at higher engine speeds. Because of this, auto racers will sometime remove the air filter element and other components that block the flow of air in the engine.

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