An aerator is generally used in wastewater treatment and helps to clean the water in the final stages of this involved process. For instance, the Singulair aerator will sit in a concrete water treatment compartment and will continuously add oxygen to the water being treated. The Singulair aerator is an amazing piece of technology, with all its electrical segments safely away from the water and an electrical connecting piece that retards water. It also has a foam guard to keep the aerator from being damaged by water that may reach a higher than expected level.

Lawn aerators are a bit different. They are necessary because grass and ornamentals will die without proper oxygen intake. If the soil is too heavy or becomes packed down, the roots cannot get enough oxygen. The result will be a browning lawn and a sizeable price tag when you reseed or put down fresh sod.

To prevent this from happening to your yard, look into investing in a lawn aerator. This device is meant to be pushed across your lawn. As you go, it will core the lawn, allowing vital air to get down into the soil. Your grass can be revived! However, even if a core aerator is the answer to your yard's problems, it may be too expensive to buy outright. If this is the case, consider renting one. You can also find smaller tools that can be used by hand to keep your yard aerated. A sod-coring device is much less expensive than a lawn aerator, and can do the job if you have time to stick with it.

A pond aerator works to keep water from becoming stagnant. As anyone with a pond can tell you, stagnant water can become ugly and even dangerous to wildlife. A good pond aerator will not have any electrical parts in the water, as this can be hazardous. It should be nearly silent so the peace of the pond is not disturbed, and it should use energy wisely and be easy to maintain. If your pond is suffering from fish dying for no apparent cause, look into buying a quality pond aerator. It can even help prevent ugly green algae from finding a good place to grow. Your pond will be much healthier once it is given proper aeration.

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