An adhesive is a substance that helps to glue or bond two or more objects together. The difference between an industrial grade adhesive and an ordinary adhesive is the degree of cohesiveness and its variety of applications. There are many types of adhesives available including epoxy adhesives, industrial adhesives, acrylic adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, rubber adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, silicone adhesives, thermoset adhesives and specialty adhesives, etc.

Industrial adhesives are generally made of organic and inorganic chemical compounds that are designed for joining components together. Industrial adhesives generally include things such as industrial sealants, which are used to fill in gaps and cracks between seams, or on surfaces. They are also used to contain liquids, prevent leaks, and to help stop the infiltration of unwanted materials.

Industrial adhesives are usually categorized in numerous ways based on their chemical makeup such as acrylic adhesives, or by their adhesion properties, such as hot melt adhesives. In industrial processing, adhesives need to be chosen with care to avoid adhesive failure or cohesive failure (structural failure of the adhesive). The most common categories of adhesives are hot melt adhesives, drying adhesives, temporary adhesives and reactive adhesives.

Hot melt adhesives are also known as hot adhesives. They are applied when they are hot and they harden as they cool down. These adhesives can be applied by a glue gun as the gun melts the solid adhesive and then passes it through the barrel of the gun onto the materials which you want to stick together.

Reactive adhesives usually come in two different containers as the two ingredients of the adhesive need to be mixed in specific proportions before they can be used. One of the ingredients is generally a monomer, or resin, and the other ingredient is a reaction initialiser. When they are mixed together a reaction which solidifies the adhesive takes place. These adhesives may also react with the surface of the materials that are to be bonded together. Reactive adhesives are very strong and are used for high-stress applications. These adhesives are often used to prevent bolts and screws from loosening in moving assemblies such as automobile engines.

Temporary adhesives are generally built to repeatedly stick and unstick. They typically have low adhesion power and can’t support very much weight. These adhesives are usually used on light things such as paper and cardboard etc. These types of adhesives are used on tape and such things as post it notes.

Drying adhesives are generally a mixture of polymers that are dissolved in a solvent. The adhesive hardens as the solvent evaporates. These adhesives aren’t too powerful and are usually used for household chores. The most common types of drying adhesives are glues and rubber cements.

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