Industrial Equipment

The term industrial equipment covers a very wide range of devices. These can include everything from ball bearings and air tools to large bulldozers, cranes, cement mixers and backhoes and just about everything in between such as compressors, check valves, couplings, dollies and dust collectors. Basically, just about any type of device that is used in the industrial world could be considered to be industrial equipment. Some types of industrial equipment are operated by manual labor while others are power-generated.

All types of tools and equipment devices have been developed and used by man since prehistoric times however the first forms of modern industrial equipment were born along with the Industrial Revolution, which took place in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. This major technological and cultural change introduced the world to machinery, which was created to replace and help make manual labor easier. Steam power and powered machinery was suddenly developed for the manufacturing world and with it came the first industrial metal machine tools and industrial equipment.

As the industrial world began to grow new types of equipment and machinery were developed. These tools and equipment were designed to be powered by human and animal power along with such things as electrical, solar, nuclear and water energy. Some devices are operated manually while others such as robotics can be programmed to perform their functions automatically. Some types of equipment such as levers and hammers are simple tools while others such as hydraulic motors are pieces of complex machinery.

While many articles of industrial equipment such as ladders, power tools, hand tools, heaters, generators, and compressors can be used around your home, office, cottage and garden, some devices are built to a much larger scale and are made specifically for use in industrial settings. Some of these articles include industrial heaters, industrial carts, industrial forklifts, industrial vacuum cleaners, industrial presses, industrial boilers, industrial ovens, industrial furnaces and industrial scales etc. However, no matter where you use them, the one thing that all articles of industrial equipment have in common is that they were built and designed to make manual labor become faster and easier.

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