Wire Wrap

Wire wrapping and marking is a critical step during electronics and computer hardware setup. At home, a person may have only a few cords in their desk area, but in an office or industrial setting, there can be hundreds or thousands of cords and wires, each of which needs to stay anchored to the correct components. As if that wasn't bad enough, frequent reconfiguration of electronic and computer components is the norm, resulting in even more chaotic cord architecture.

Wire wrap and marking is necessary to keep all the cords in order. By bundling cords that go to the same devices and uniquely marking each wire or cord, computer specialists and electricians can easily identify them.

What is wire wrap?

A wire wrap is a thin plastic sheath, sleeve or tag that is attached to a wire or cord. Wire marking can be done by hand or via a thermal printer, and it ensures that each wire or cord is uniquely identified. This unique identification can take the form of a plain text name or label, or more often, a bar code. Wire wrap is available in a variety of types, colors and sizes to fit anything from a fine wire to a large bundle of industrial cables.

What types of wire wrap tool and supplies are available?

Shrink wrapping is the most common method of wrapping wires and cords, because it is both easy and economical. Wire shrink wrap sleeves are ultra-thin plastic membranes that are slipped around wires or cables and then "shrunk" securely into place using a heat gun. Wire marking shrink wrap is available in many colors and can also be marked up using bar codes or numeric codes with the help of a thermal printer. Wire wraps can also be attached using small plastic industrial fasteners.

Electricians appreciate the fact that sleeves can be printed quickly and easily, even in the field if necessary. In addition, unlike other types of labeling, shrink tubes cannot easily become detached from wires or cables – they attach tightly due to the heat shrinking process, which removes all space between the sleeve and the wire. Shrink tubes are durable, waterproof and dirt resistant and last for years, even in the roughest conditions, making them a great choice for any industrial application.

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