Static Eliminators

Static eliminators are devices that are used to protect equipment and components from static electricity and dust. These devices, which are also known as ionizers, can neutralize and clean surfaces from remote distances. Static electricity is generated when friction causes a change in the balance of positive and negative electrons, which results in the effected material becoming electrically charged. Static electricity can even affect insulators.

Static eliminators are useful devices however they are also are dangerous as they can often produce sparks which may ignite flammable material and cause dust to stick to surfaces. In assembly lines, static charged material can often tear and jam conveyor belts or in some cases it can cause products to cling to the conveyor, machine bed, etc.

Grounding insulators do not solve the electric charge problem. Eliminators or ionizers are used to remove the built-up charge. These devices use a variety of techniques to remove the static electricity. Some common methods involve blowing a stream of ionized air. Ion air guns, ion air cannons, ion air knives, ion air jets are some of the other types of devices that are used to remove the static electricity. In applications where it is not possible to use an air current, ionizing bars and ionizing points are used.

Static eliminators aren’t designed to demagnetize objects as magnetic attraction and static attraction are two different things. An ionizer will shower a device’s surface with positive and negative ions to eliminate the static charge by bringing it to neutral, however if that device experiences friction by rubbing against another surface a new static electricity charge may be induced. Sometimes you may need to use multiple ionizers because of static regeneration. If you are trying to locate any static electricity charges in your applications it is a good idea to use a static meter to help you find them. A static meter is designed to measure the polarity and the magnitude of a given static field.

The most effective place to position a static eliminator is usually just before the area of the process where the static field is creating problems such as tearing and jamming and creating problems to personnel.

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