Protocol Analyzers

Protocol analyzers can troubleshoot and analyze problems between two or more devices. This type of analyzer can be either a computer hardware device or a software program which is connected between the links of communication. A protocol analyzer is critical in showing how, when, and where the data packets are going between the devices. The analyzer can verify a particular protocol in a network (it can be digital as well) and to mine data from that protocol. The analyzers are used to detect the number of messages sent by a particular port in a network and if there is an excessive amount of messages sent to a port, then the analyzer controls the traffic to prevent clogging of network.

Protocol analyzers capture all of the traffic on a medium, and parse it according to any network protocol rules that are present, and display the results. In a token ring network, situations can arise where one of the tokens can be lost or too many tokens can be detected, which causes hindrances in network communication.

A protocol analyzer is aptly able to detect such instances and can act upon them effectively. Some are designed to detect heavy traffic during network communication and they will take the necessary action such as increasing the bandwidth or selecting another channel for communication.

Configuration, performance specifications, number of ports, data rate and buffer size are all important items to consider when searching for protocol analyzers.

Some common features for network analyzers include items such as; printer port, remote control port, software included, and wireless. Some units have a suitable port in which a printer can be connected. Some models can also be controlled and programmed via a remote control by simply connecting a computer, modem or any other device through the remote port. Test software may also be included with the analyzer and some of them can also be configured to test wireless systems.

It is also very important to have updated, just like we do with our antivirus software, so that the traffic control and network communication is done effectively.

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