A palletizer is a type of material handling machine that is used to place products coming out of an assembly line in a specific order. They are used to handle various types of items such as crates, pallets, bags, cases, boxes, pails, drums, kegs, etc. Many palletizers are built to handle more than one style and size of packaging. These machines are very useful for material handling, packaging, stacking and shipping operations. They also help you to maximize your floor space.

Palletizers are classified by the type of material which they handle and the manner in which the material arrives. The three most common types of palletizers are high-level, low-level and robotic. In the low-level type of palletizer, the products flow into it at floor level. For high-level palletizers, the items come from overhead hoppers or conveyor lines. Palletizers are used for continuously flowing or rolling material which is then placed onto pallets. These types of palletizers are used for high volume flow, where the packaging and shipping speed is important.

If you are shipping fragile materials then a robotic type of palletizer should be used to place the materials in a specific manner. These devices will pick up and place the items onto the pallets one at a time. They work slower than the other models, but they place less stress on the items they are handling.

Commercial palletizers are available in fully automatic models, where human involvement is not needed for the packaging process. They also come in semi-automatic versions which do rely on human involvement. However the involvement needed is generally limited to loading the packaging filling systems, loading empty bags or cartons on the filling system’s magazine, loading bulk material supply hoppers, placing empty pallets on the palletizer’s magazine, removing completed cartons or pallets from the system, etc. Semi-automatic palletizers also enable a single operator to stack layer after layer of heavy loads onto pallets without lifting the items.
While selecting a palletizer, you should take into consideration the materials that you will be stacking and shipping such as boxes, bags, drums, cases, etc.

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